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  • Always a great dining experience...

    Restaurant Associates is working with local farmers and produce distributors to provide our guests with the freshest seasonal foods while supporting our local communities.

    Items are identified as local if they are from sources that are no more than 150 miles from the location in which it is served. As a result, local food means fewer food miles and a dramatic reduction in transportation, days of refrigeration, and tons of pollution and packaging.

    Using local food festivals and seasonal specialties to enhance the café menus, the culinary team constantly surprises our guests with new menu items and culinary trends.

    Harkness Cafe and Pub Grille, 617.495.0410 email: 

    Catering Department, 617.495.5538 email:

    Our team:
    Dave Danells
    General Manager

    Peter Martineau
    Assistant General Manager

    Meredith Yerkes
    Catering Director
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