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  • sustainability, wellness, humanity

    Restaurant Associates and its parent company, Compass Group North America, have made a commitment to partner with our clients' nutrition, health and wellness initiatives to foster and promote a more healthful workplace, school or community. 

    We are pleased to present our wellness program: RADISH. It's Restaurant Associates wellness programming with food that is delicious, innovative, seasonal, and healthy. 

    Never compromising on quality, using local and sustainable products, and prioritizing healthier choices at every opportunity. Look for “Radish Picks” on healthier choices throughout your café. We adhere to strict nutrition criteria while promoting nutrient-dense foods. Just look for the RADISH!

    We also have monthly information with a new topic so you can continue to learn about wellness trends, get great recipes and more!

    Its National Heart Month !

    February wellness focuses on Heart Health and the Superfood Dark Chocolate

    Superfood Recipe - Dark Chocolate Avocado Truffles        

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