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    Restaurant Associates and its parent company, Compass Group North America, have made a commitment to partner with our clients' nutrition, health and wellness initiatives to foster and promote a more healthful workplace, school or community. We understand that everyone's nutritional needs are different, and we offer a variety of options so that our guests have the opportunity to make wise food choices that will produce a balanced diet leading to overall wellness.

    All of our food stations offer healthy options, from great breakfast selections including high-fiber cereals, smoothies, fruit, and low-fat yogurt, to healthy lunch items such as vegetable salads with lean proteins like grilled chicken or tuna, a plentiful salad bar, veggie burgers, and more. As for snack options, hummus, fruit and carrot & celery sticks are always good choices.‚Äč

    Looking for a quick grab & go item that is health conscious? Make sure to check out our FIT salads and sandwiches that come with nutritional information. The selection changes frequently offer a moderate amount of fat, calories, and sodium. Just look for the pink sticker.

    Looking for more nutritional info? Below you will find links to different stations with the breakdown. Some of the items on there you will find every day and some are specialty items we rotate into the menu. Are you in the cafe and have a smartphone? Just click on the tag to view the breakdown!
    AM Grill

    Cold Breakfast & Breakfast Cereals


    PM Grill

    Salad Bar & Dressings

    Each month we highlight a different wellness topic through our partner, Wellness Concepts. Informational documents and delicious and healthy recipes can be downloaded below! We also look forward to partnering with the Mount Sinai team for special health and wellness promotions and will be posting information here closer to when those events will occur.

    June's Topic: 50 Different Ways to Dress Up Your Fruits & Veggies
    50 Ways to Eat Your Vegetables
    50 Ways to Eat Your Fruit
    Farmers' Market
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